Just About The Worst Soccer Shot Ever Seen

Scotland and Norway played to a scoreless draw yesterday in a World Cup qualifying match, a result that was another dagger in the Tartan Army’s dwindling hopes for reaching South Africa in 2010. But what made the result so noteworthy wasn’t what happened what what didn’t happen, specifically one goal that wasn’t scored.

Chris Iwelumo

The culprit was Scotland’s Chris Iwelumo, and the play in question - as described by the GLASGOW DAILY MAIL - might go down as one of the worst misses in soccer history, as he fired wide of a completely open net from two yards away. It was like watching the team at the beginning of Ladybugs, except without the boyish yet doomed charms of a young Jonathan Brandis.

Video after the jump:

To say that my 16-month-old daughter would probably have scored there isn’t an understatement: just letting the ball hit her as she went crashing to the ground probably would have got the ball closer to the goal. And the worst part? It was Iwelumo’s first-ever match for Scotland, and he had just come on as a substitute. I’m guessing appearance No. 2 for the team might a while coming.

For his part, Iwelumo was trying to stay positive:

“Hopefully I did enough with other aspects of my play - being a target man, holding the ball up - to stay involved with the squad.

“I did pretty well in those areas - even if that one chance does take the limelight away from everything else.

“The manager spoke to me and so did all the boys. They commented on how I did”

Missing an open goal the size of the Grand Canyon on a shot that Stevie Wonder wouldn’t have missed, that would have given his team the go-ahead goal? Don’t worry about it - you did a great job holding the ball. See you next game!

But was the miss the worst of all time? The GUARDIAN has some other options, but given the importance of the game and the final result, it’s still pretty bad.