Favre House For Sale, Well Maybe, Isn’t Sure Yet

Brett Favre’s Wisconsin home is reportedly on the market, according to the GREEN BAY PRESS GAZETTE.  The 3,000 square foot home, which has 3 touchdowns bathrooms and 4 interceptions bedrooms, can be picked off by a lucky buyer for just $475K.

 Brett Favre in jorts

(Plenty of closet space for your jean shorts collection)

A closer look at the listing reveals plenty of space in the backyard to toss the pigskin around in Wrangler jeans, a waffle maker to whip up a tasty breakfast while agonizing over career decisions, ample medicine cabinets, and a doghouse for your attention hound.

While the home is not directly linked to Favre, tax records intercepted by the Press Gazette lead back to the former MVP’s family.

Brown County land records indicate the home’s value at $424,900. D.L. Tynes is named the property’s owner, and tax bills are sent to a Hattiesburg, Miss., address. Tynes is Deanna Favre’s maiden name. The Favre family’s permanent home is in Hattiesburg.

Real estate agent Wade Micoley wouldn’t confirm who owns the house, but said it’s been on the market for about 48 to 72 hours.

Readers are advised to bid quickly, as 48-72 hours is generally the time frame in which the Jets quarterback has been known to change his mind.  The asking price may seem high, but word is that Favre just picked a number and chucked it up in the air off his back foot, hoping someone would come down with it.