Pinella Calls Sleep Doc To Cure Sleepwalking Cubs

If you’re a Chicago Cubs fan, you probably had trouble getting to sleep last night: lots of nightmares about an infinite number of baseballs bouncing off an infinite number of gloves, while a herd of goats chased Lou Pinella around Wrigley Field before he was snatched up by the Wrigley Field ivy and sucked into oblivion. Or maybe that’s just me.

Cubs Bed

Whatever the case, while the Cubs’ 0-2 hole might be enough to keep their fans from getting any sleep, Pinella is going to extreme lengths to make sure that his team is nice and rested for when they play Game 3 at Dodger Stadium on Saturday. The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that he’s hired a “sleep doctor” to advise him on when the team should take the 4 1/2 hour flight out to L.A.

Based on the Cubs’ raft of hexes and curses, I might suggest that a witch doctor would be more useful at this point than a sleep doctor. (Also, is being a sleep doctor the easiest way to get your medical degree? I slept through a lot of classes in college, but I never thought I could turn that into a career.)

I guess if bringing in a priest to bless the benches didn’t work, you’re pretty much open to anything to change things around. But Pinella says he just wants to make sure that his team is operating jet leg-free and at 100 percent

“He said that we should stay overnight [in Chicago] tonight — instead of travel after the ballgame and leave tomorrow — so that everybody can get their full balance of sleep, as opposed to sleeping all day tomorrow and not being able to sleep the night after,” he said.

Added Piniella: “We’ll see if he’s right or not after the third game in Los Angeles.”

I would argue that being able to get a full night’s sleep in their own beds during the furst two games clearly hasn’t helped the Cubs, since they still appearing to be sleepwalking through the postseason. Maybe Pinella should take the opposite approach - call the team’s hotel rooms every hour or so to make sure they aren’t getting any sleep. Nothing like sleep depreivation to make you cranky enough to get after it on the field.