Auburn Cleared In Academic Wrongdoing Probe

We all had our fun ragging Auburn’s athletic department several years ago after a NEW YORK TIMES article blew the whistle on dubious classes some of their athletes were taking. The disputed courses were “independent” study classes that appeared to offer quick credits and passing grades for marginal work or actual education.

Sides were taken, heads rolled, much hand-wringing commenced, you know the drill. Only now has the NCAA reached a conclusion on its investigation, and they’ve cleared Auburn of major wrongdoing.

Reports the MOBILE REGISTER: The two-year-old case officially ended earlier this month when the NCAA notified Auburn that the school would not face penalties in the case.

The NCAA said the school was guilty only of secondary infractions because it “permitted student-athletes to repeat courses without proper authorization or take courses for excessive credit in a manner inconsistent with institutional policy.”

Auburn then released a half modest, half victorious statement of something to the effect of “you can’t catch this tiger by his tail“. Or at least, that’s how we’d say it if we’d just been given the good news. ETA for Auburn’s next scandal (they’re always in trouble): two years.