Carroll: Doing The Right Thing Is A Challenge

So what is USC doing during their bye week? According to the LOS ANGELES TIMES, Pete Carroll hopes that it’s anything other than getting arrested, unlike the last free weekend they had, when starting cornerback Shareece Wright was arrested after a fight at a party.

Pete Carroll stars in Do The Right Thing

But Coach Carroll knows that asking his team to do something as complex and harrowing as not gettingin trouble with a whole weekend to kill is a tall order:

“It’s a tremendous challenge for everybody to stay in line, to keep track of what’s going on and do the right thing,” Carroll said.

How tall of an order could it possibly be? Don’t they have classes they could be studying for? (I know, good one, right? Ha ha ha.) If doing the right thing is such a difficult task, perhaps the USC coaching staff needs to give their teams little flash cards to carry around with them on their spare time like “No Means No” or “Don’t Punch Anyone.”

USC’s tailback Stafon Johnson said that he is going to avoid any problems by hanging out with his teammates and playing video games. Which sounds like a foolproof plan, but at USC that’s not always the case - if a hardcore game of Madden breaks out and money gets put on the line, one thing leads to another and then BOOM, Joe McKnight has more than stadium lights causing his headaches.

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