Ohio State Fan Gets Bucked Parking At Coliseum

I hate paying for parking, even at sporting events. To give you an example, I once walked a whole mile to get from street parking to an LA Galaxy game. (I live in LA, so for me walking a mile is the equivalent of the Battan Death March.) So when I paid $25 for parking yesterday by USC before the game, I did so through extremely gritted teeth.

Pricey Parking

But that’s nothing compared to what one Ohio State fan paid. As reported by the LA TIMES ALL THINGS TROJAN blog, the poor sap wound up paying a total of $180 for a prime parking spot before the game.

The fan (called Buckeye Matt in the article, but for our purposes let’s just call him Giant Sucker) paid $100 for a pass at a lot near the Coliseum. But when he got to the game, he found that the lot was full and closed. Fortunately, the owner of a nearby lot give him a “break” and let him park there for only $80.

I can’t fathom paying $100 for a parking space. That’s getting perilously close to “renting a helicopter with five of your friends and being dropped off on campus” territory. For $100, I would expect that when I get back, the car is not just parked, but washed, waxed, has its oil changed and stocked with a meat and cheese platter. It’s the least they could do.

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