For It’s 1, 2, 3 Strikes (And 4 Balls) You’re Out…

As a rookie thrust into a starting role on a World Series-contending team because of injuries, the Angels’ Sean Rodriguez needs all the help he can get. Especially since he’s only hitting .192 for the season. What he doesn’t need is have the count go to 4-2 before striking out, but the L.A. TIMES reports that’s just what happened to him last night against the Tigers.

During his at-bat in the fourth inning, home plate umpire Tim Welke thought the scoreboard count of 2-2 was off and ordered it changed to 1-2. Rodriguez then proceeded to work a “full count” before striking out, when really he should have walked the pitch before.

For his part, Rodriguez played the whole thing down, saying that he thought the count was 1-2 as well, and Welke (understandably) apologized to Rodriguez when he came up the next time.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia, who apparently was playing (or drinking) Gin with his coaches while this was happening, took the blame since they didn’t catch it. It’s kind of hard to claim that your insurmountable division lead isn’t making you complacent when things like this happen.

Fans at home were quickly made aware of the error by the Fox Sports Net broadcast. And as BIG LEAGUE STEW notes, this isn’t the first time something similar has happened: remember Coco Crisp’s three ball walk earlier this season? If only baseball had some sort of replay system so that basically errors like this could be caught and quickly corrected.

Whoops, never mind.

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