Boot on Beanie Means No Battle With Bobcats

Ohio State officially announced that star tailback Chris ‘Beanie’ Wells is out against Ohio University this Saturday, leaving Buckeye fans crying. The program is horribly vague, at best, about his injury. ESPN’s Joe Schad on a broadcast yesterday described the complicated foot problem thusly: “a soft tissue injury to the big toe on his right foot.” Got all that?

The odd injury most certainly has Ohio State fans dashing to Wikipedia or copies of Gray’s Anatomy to figure the whole thing out. On the bright side there does seem to be optimism that he’ll play against USC the following Saturday. Regardless Ohio State has three other backs on its roster that it likes who in theory will be adequate substitutes against the overmatched Bobcats.

What this injury does for Wells’ Heisman Trophy front-runner status is unknown. In three quarters of work on opening week he did tally over 100 yards and a lengthy touchdown, but his shot at 2,000 yards goes down dramatically when you take an entire game off the schedule as has happened here. But, maybe a dramatic Willis Reed-like re-appearance and strong performance against USC changes the math on how his candidacy is viewed.

Or maybe USC just shuts him down. We’ll see.