Chinese Boxer’s Winning Diet: Pizza And Burgers

Unlike American Gary Russell Jr., who had to withdraw from the Olympics after collapsing due to dehydration while trying to make weight, Chinese light flyweight fighter Zou Shiming only needed one month to slim down to his target weight. Then again, he had a secret weapon: a diet of pizza and hamburgers. If McDonald’s has Michael Phelps, Domino’s needs to get this guy locked up fast.

Zou Shiming

Shiming told REUTERS that he had only begun eating Western food recently, and the fact that hamburgers and pizza were “less greasy” than Chinese food. Which lead me to the question: just what the hell kind of food are they eating in China that’s it’s greasier than pizza and hamburgers?

Panda Express isn’t exactly health food, but it seems a lot better than anything I’ve had at Pizza Hut lately. Maybe he’s talking about the traditional Chinese dish “Grease Soup with Balls of Fried Grease and Grease-Marinated Pork”? This is great news for me: the next time the doctor asks about my eating habits during a physical, I can simply say that I’m following the diet of Olympic gold medalists.

The last day of boxing was great for the Chinese, winning the first two gold medals in the sport in their nation’s history. Which is two more than traditional powers USA and Cuba managed. Evander Holyfield thinks it’s because US fighters are all about the money. And I’ll believe The Real Deal on this one: if anyone knows about turning your boxing career into one giant chase for cash, it’s him.