Tony Bruno’s Alimony Keeping Him Off The Air?

I have a hard time feeling sorry for famous people. It usually makes me break out in a rash and induces vomiting. But anybody that’s going to lose 75 out of every dollar he earns deserves a bit of sympathy.

Tony Bruno Divorce

Such is the plight of noted sports jock Tony Bruno, who has chirped on the airwaves of ESPN and FOX SPORTS, who implied in a recent interview that part of his decision to remain unemployed was based on a $12,000 monthly alimony payment he’d be making to his ex-wife.

Bruno talked to DEADSPIN’s A. J. Daulerio in an interview posted yesterday, where Bruno said that he was receiving offers, but would essentially lose money in taking them:

I’ve got local markets offering me jobs, but I can’t really move from LA because, as I mentioned, it would bankrupt me. I don’t’ want to go broke just to have a job. I’m in a Catch-22 situation. I’m not saying that I have to hold out to get a 7-figure deal. I mean [Jim] Rome’s getting money, Dan Patrick’s getting seven-figures, and I‘ve got people telling me I’m in the top three, so why should I take a $200,000 year job? Not only from an ego and market value perspective, it’s [that] I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills! It’s because of my divorce situation. My wife has everything. All I have is the house and a lease car…

So, let’s see, two hundred thousand….he’d be paying 12 large in alimony over 12 months, that’s 144 grand…plus paying California income tax…that sounds like a losing proposition.

Yeah. I gave my wife everything. I said “Take everything” and she took everything I’ve ever worked for…I offered it to her 3 years ago, and then the lawyers get involved and then it’s, like, now they not only want everything, they also want $12,000 per month in alimony. You know, I’m not mad about it, but I’m not gonna get married again.

Yeah, she cleaned me out, but it’s cool. Really?

One thing Bruno’s career path indicates, despite his trying to shrug off the label of being a “diva,” is that he’ll come and go as he pleases. He left ESPN of his own volition in 2000 and then walked away from Fox Sports Radio five years later when facing a pay cut.

It’s understandable that any national radio enterprise (the ones he claims to be courting) would be reluctant to hire him. As easy going as he seems to be about his divorce, Bruno seems overly reluctant to get in any sort of relationship anytime soon.