Gramps Pulls Gun On Grandkid’s Baseball Coach

The problem with kids’ sports today, you know, besides weeding out the coaches that have enormous collections of child pornography, is the parents. They’re too involved, whether it’s with over-organizing the leagues where their children play, or having ridiculous expectations of how good their kids really are.

Grandpa has a shotgun

Oh, and if we can get the grandparents to stop packing heat on game day, that’d be nice, too.

Dallas D. Lough, 64, had a valid concealed carry permit (and a loaded semi-automatic pistol) when he went to watch his grandson pitch in a game of 13- and 14-year olds on Tuesday. From Youngstown, Ohio-area website, VINDY.COM:

Lough was standing behind the backstop and being vocal enough to get a warning from the home-plate umpire to stop, police said…

The other umpire, who was positioned in the field, later told Lough that he had to leave the backstop area because he was being disruptive. One of the things Lough was doing was making ball and strike calls before the home-plate umpire had a chance to make his call…

When Lough did leave the field, he got into it with some of the coaches, who followed him:

One of the coaches, a 36-year-old Struthers man, told police he began talking with Lough down a hill from the field near the Struthers dugout, and Lough pulled a handgun out of his pants pocket and threatened to shoot him if he came any closer.

Lough then walked to his car and drove south on Raccoon Road, where Austintown police arrested him at gunpoint.

After the arrest was made, the parents asked the teens if they wanted to continue playing. They did.

The parents canceled the game anyway.