Did Robbie Knievel Train With Monica Lewinsky?

Robbie Knievel, that boy there, he’s just like his daddy. But that still doesn’t explain away the headline, which is so bad that it’s excellent.

Robbie Knieval Stuntman Jump

Although it’s much more fun and much less politically incorrect than this next headline flub.

Germany dominates Poland headline

Regarding the former piece, the junior Knievel did jump into a headwind in Texas on Saturday, clearing 21 oversized sport utility vehicles and landing successfully, according to NBC SPORTS.COM. The jump originally called for 25 Hummers, but there was no way the human jaw could handle all that.

As for the Germans (via GLOBE SPORTS), well, they beat Poland with two players from that country, including Lukas Podolski, who scored both goals for Germany. Oh, yeah. That’s in there. But then what’s the story behind this next word whoopsie?

Chris Berman fake headline

Just kidding, that was us. Besides, you didn’t really think ESPN was picking up that story, did you?