Chinese Hurdler Liu Xiang Sells Stuff For Amway

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang has been nursing a sore hamstring as he hobbles toward the Olympics to be held in his homeland.

Liu Xiang China Hurdles

But as he prepares to represent his communist nation, he’s also preparing to sell some Amway products. Of course!

And that pyramid scheming is probably working out better for him than this hurdles thing. As Liu was set to compete in the Prefontaine Classic in Oregon over the weekend, he…didn’t, according to MY FOX HOUSTON:

China’s track superstar was disqualified with a false start, making him 0-for-2 in America — as in, he entered two races but didn’t run in either.

“Not disappointed, just a pity,” Liu said. “But it is past already.”

When the eight hurdlers first lined up, it was Liu’s countryman, Shi Dongpeng, who got hit with a false start. But the first miscue is charged to the entire field, making the second false start the one that really counts.

It was there that Liu flinched ever so slightly before the gun. Knowing he was gone, he shook his head in frustration, having come all the way to the United States and never getting to compete.

Liu signed an endorsement deal with Nutrilite, a dietary suppliment and vitamin brand, in February of 2007. Nutrilite has been owned entirely by Amway, since 1994, according to WIKIPEDIA. And Liu was only too pleased to get involved.

From QUIXTAR NEWSROOM.COM (emphasis added):

Nutrilite products are available exclusively through Quixtar Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in North America and Amway business owners internationally.

ā€œIā€™m very excited to be a global brand spokesperson for Nutrilite,ā€ said Xiang. ā€œI will definitely work to deliver the Nutrilite philosophy of optimal health to every corner of the world.

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