Dick Dickinson’s Secret Porn Collection Shocks All

Sixty-four-year-old Lindsey Dickinson goes by “Dick,” in more ways than one.

youth football

The former Illinois youth football coach was a fixture in the community, was the namesake of a local golf tournament, and respected by all, until federal law enforcement unearthed a surprise that nobody saw coming.


Little did anyone know that the father of three now-grown children, who lived in the 14700 block of South Park Lane, had a secret penchant for young boys and violent child pornography.

He was found guilty of downloading and sharing an extensive and violent child pornography collection - more than 1,300 computer images and an additional 11 disks with child pornography were hidden in a wall of the attic next to his home office - that included pictures and videos of boys being bound and beaten, according to prosecutors.

“We were completely sidetracked,” Pioneer board member Dan McMillan said of learning the news last year that Dickinson was arrested for possession of child pornography. Federal agents revealed the varsity coach’s secret after closing in on him at his home - which is located just across the street from Doogan Park - in a child pornography sting.

And it stung; the almost prophetically-surnamed Dickinson was sentenced Wednesday to six years in prison.

No one has come forward to report abuse by Dickinson, who in court said he was molested himself as a child…The Pioneers require background checks on all coaches before they take on a team. There was nothing in Dickinson’s check to indicate that he could be a threat to the league’s young players, organizers say.

“Of course I could say there was no sign of this because if there was he would have been removed sooner,” McMillan said.

Well, there might have been one sign, Dan (emphasis added):

After his arrest, the Pioneer team immediately cut ties with Dickinson - who was known as an affable guy, a proud grandfather and an all-around family man who would dress up as Santa Claus each year.

This is truly horrible, and I think some of his new roommates in the federal pen will feel the same way. “Dick Dickinson” was a bad name for a golf tournament, anyway.