Blogenspiele: Celts Won A Playoff Game On Road

  • That’s no surprise to 100% INJURY RATE, who doesn’t think much of the Pistons right now.

Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett

  • Conversely, RED’S ARMY sings the praises of Boston’s first playoff road win.
  • Did you miss this, too? That annoying trapezoid you’ve been seeing in international basketball is going away. So sayeth Mark Cuban at BLOG MAVERICK.
  • Eamonn Brennan makes another point for paying college players at THE DAGGER–it will get Congress off everyone’s back.
  • Will Steve Nash be buying an MLS team? Tom Ziller at FANHOUSE thinks so. Via FAN IQ.
  • And there’s also a contest going on at BUGS & CRANKS for your consideration as well.