Chelsea Coach ‘Sacked’ For Coming In Second

Here in America, we fire coaches, sometimes for legitimate resasons (see: Cam Cameron) and sometimes for reasons that seem totally unfounded (see: Ty Willingham).

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That doesn’t happen across the pond. There, they call it getting ’sacked,’ but their logic for doing so can be just as ludicrous as ours.

Earlier today, it was Chelsea manager Avram Grant getting the boot. He was on the job for 8 months, took his team to the Champions League final, nearly won…and was fired three days later.


Despite the Blues’ strong end-of-season surge under Grant, the ultimate lack of silverware - as well as his apparent failure to bring the kind of free-flowing, attacking football desired by owner Roman Abramovich - appears to have been his undoing.

Abramovich, one of those rich oil guys from Russia, bought the team in 2003 and wanted his team with more of an attacking style. And apparently, less of a winning style. Dude got his team to penalty kicks! Phil McNulty over at BBC SPORT is shaking his head much like any American would:

It is a sign of the cut-throat nature of the modern game that a decent, dignified man is sacked three days after missing out on club football’s biggest honour by the width of a post and on the Premier League title on the last day of the season.

Chelsea will simply say - close but not close enough. Second is nowhere as far as billionaire owner Roman Abramovich is concerned and a man regarded as his friend has paid the price.

For all McNulty’s outrage, he didn’t sound surprised:

The 53-year-old Israeli was perceived as dour and low-key, despite time revealing Grant’s dry sense of humour and quiet decency in the face of almost daily questions about his future.

And yet he kept his head and kept Chelsea in the title race until the final afternoon, and achieved a feat beyond even the celebrated Mourinho when he defeated Liverpool to guide the club to their first Champions League final.

Grant’s wife Tsofit was unforgiving towards the media before Chelsea’s defeat in Russia, saying: “It was clear that we would mainly go out to beat the media, the guillotine people, bloodthirsty and hungry for raw flesh. That is how I see the media.”

The term is essentially universal: Grant got screwed.