HS Cheer Coach Gets 6 Months For Sex w/Student

A former high school cheerleading coach in Arizona has been sentenced after pleading guilty to three counts of Mark Chmura.

Jennifer Mally cheerleader coach

And since the adult in question is female, she’s enjoying an unusual amount of support from her community.


Jennifer Mally will serve six months in prison and must register as a sex offender after a judge sentenced her for three counts of sex with a minor.

The former teacher and cheer coach at Paradise Valley High School in northeast Phoenix wept as she addressed the Maricopa County Superior Court judge before her sentencing.

…Several people, including members of her cheer squad, her pastor and her husband, spoke in her defense. They described a fun-loving, committed teacher who went the extra mile to help with academic and personal problems.

Several of the cheerleaders wore T-shirts reading “Team Mally,” and one wore a shirt saying, “I make Mally proud.”

The minor was 16 years old at the time he became the luckiest kid in school. It’s not hard to acknowledge the double standard that exists with these child “endangerment” cases. Yes, we know Chmura was married, and acquitted, for that matter. But he was an active player at the time, which surely made him more difficult to prosecute.

A defense psychologist said Mally has the maturity of a “mid-teen” girl.

Six months? Better get some ice for that wrist before the handprint for the slap starts to welt.