Blog-O-Rama: Can Whitlock Score A Pulitzer?

  • BOING BOING wonders if you could play Tecmo Bowl with this controller.

Giant NES Controller

  • YOU’VE BEEN BLINDED sits down with Jason Whitlock. And by “sits down,” we mean “probably exchanged emails.”

  • J. E. Skeets and friends have the latest on Brian Scalabrine’s latest “hit” over at THE BASKETBALL JONES.
  • PHILADELPHIA WILL DO has an interview with…himself. It’s actually a TV appearance, and surprisingly safe for work.
  • Sooze at BABES LOVE BASEBALL thinks Kristi Yamaguchi might have a shot at centerfield for the Dodgers.
  • Remember that map of baseball territories from the shoe commercial? ONE DROO HILL has the updated edition. Thanks, WITH LEATHER.
  • FAN IQ has an NHL update for you. Don’t say we didn’t bring you any hockey.