Schilling Learning About The ‘Cult’ Of Blogosphere

Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has been known for his eccentricities, his outspokenness, and his bloody socks. But Schilling has also evolved into something of a tech geek, including starting his own video game studio and his own blog.

Curt Schilling blogging

As for the latter, Schilling refers to the cadre of sports bloggers as a “cult” and to himself as “out of the loop” of Blogfrica.

Here’s the video of Schilling’s interview with Natali Del Conte of CNET TV:

Schilling’s remarks about blogging are at the end.

[Blogging] is something new to me. It’s turned out to be [more] difficult than I expected it to be. The commitment, the response has been pretty overwhelming. But it’s fun. I enjoy it. I’ve actually learned that this industry is…there’s a cult of blogging in this industry…if you don’t know who they are, you’re kinda out of the loop. So, I’m learning about that as we go along, too.

The reference of blogging mirroring mainstream media is a consistent–and unfair–criticism, even if Schilling didn’t mean it that way. Most of the writers of the big blogs do know each other, but those involved often send admiring emails to each other, network extensively, and are more proactive in meeting each other face-to-face. Oh, and the quality of their work exceeds the norm. For Schilling, a big-time baseball star, to portray himself as outside of the loop, is just as comical as it is inaccurate. Maybe I’ll send him an email…