DC-Area B-Ball Announcers Get Excited Yet Again

There’s something about the Nation’s Capital that brings out the bombastic behavior of basketball announcers. There’s the Wizards’ Steve Buckhantz who likes his daggers. There’s Georgetown’s Rich Chvoktin who believes a player got fouled. And now only 33 miles away in Annapolis, another b-ball broadcaster goes nuts:

In the opening round of the Patriot League tournament Wednesday night, Bucknell was down 1 to Navy with only 3 seconds left. When John Griffin’s 40-foot desperation shot went in, the play-by-player for the Bison Sports Network screamed “BIIIIIIIN-GOOOOOOOO!” - and yelled it again 3 more times just for good measure.

Now we know what the guy’s favorite church gambling activity is. But you can’t blame the college-age callers for getting so excited.

The guys on the Appalachian State Radio Network went ballistic in the Big House when their Mountaineers upset Michigan. And even college sports anchors can lose it just sitting behind the desk.

As they say, boom goes the dynamite.