Inbound Brass: Matt Barnes’ Fake At Kobe’s Face

Matt Barnes was Orlando’s designated instigator against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers Sunday. Exhibit A.:

Matt Barnes fakes pass towards Kobe Bryants face

(Greatest fake since Lamar Odom’s marriage)

In case you think that’s just the angle the video was shot from, here’s the video.

Barnes later daggered the Lakers with a late three-ball, with Bryant as his opposite.

In fairness, Bryant left Barnes alone to help Pau Gasol with Dwight Howard, but Barnes still made a statement by burying the shot.

He then followed with the obligatory, inarticulate Tweet.

Matt Barnes Tweets about beating Lakers

(Tho Odom evened up the inarticulate score)

I’m sure the rest of the league appreciates Barnes placing that wakeup call.