In The MWC, We Really Feel The National Anthem

Hey man. You cool? You look cool, man. Don’t be narc-ing on me or nothin’, all right? Let’s all just be cool. You got any of the good stuff on you? Aw man, you’re sober? Here? Now? Too bad, man, you’re totally missing out.

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World
(Lady Liberty’s reaching me! This is the most intense anthem EVER!)

Don’t look at me funny; I get kinda ‘noided out when people start looking at me funny. Totally harshing my mellow. Like, it’s cool if you’re allergic to LSD or whatever, I got a cousin like that who won’t touch the stuff, that’s cool man! That’s cool. I’m just sayin’, you haven’t lived through the Star Spangled Banner ’til you expand your mind. Aw, hold on, hold on, the show’s about to start! Here we go! This is gonna roooooooooooock!

…AND THE HOOOOOOOME OF THE BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE!!!! (is totally the only person headbanging to the song in the history of college football fandom)

WHOA! YEAH MAN! Did you hear that?! That was basically the most insane Stars and Bars I ever heard! And I was there for this Hendrix tribute guy back in ‘73, looked and played exactly like him. He didn’t die, man, I’m telling you. You had to be there. But you were here! For this! Holy s–t yeah! Can you believe that national anthem?!

All right, I’m outta here. Wish this band played more than one song.

Huh? Football? The hell is “foot-ball?”

(Terrorist fist jab: THE WIZ)