In Pittsburgh, It’s The Steelers Before Schooling

Hey Pittsburgh! All I’ve heard the past two weeks is how you’re supposedly the best football franchise ever. This would be your sixth Lombardi Trophy, more than any other team. So how about you act like you’ve been here before?


Instead of taking this Super Bowl in stride, Steel Town is acting like this is a once in a lifetime event, and like they have no idea what do do with themselves. In short — acting like the Cardinals. Pittsburgh school districts are planning to delay school opening on Monday by two hours, in an effort to combat truancy on the part of kids who were up too late the night before. I guess Iron City isn’t just a nickname when they’re worried about grade schoolers being hungover.

Barring Bruce Springsteen stretching his three-song set to two hours with chatter with Clarence and the rest of the band, the game tonight is going to end around 10. Now unless your 8-year-old will be watching the game with friends at a Hooter’s in Monroeville, I’d think that’s plenty of time to get a full night’s rest. Not so, apparently.

Superintendent Mark Roosevelt is no fan of delaying or canceling school, even in bad weather.

But Roosevelt said there’s no reason to ignore the Super Bowl’s potential impact on school operations. Asked whether he feared student and staff absenteeism, he said he hoped the delay would help to mitigate any problem.

The district, which also operated on a two-hour delay the day after the Steelers won Super Bowl XL three years ago, called the delay a safety precaution. Chief of Staff Lisa Fischetti said bus companies will have extra time to get vehicles on the road and to children waiting at bus stops.

Generally, two-hour weather delays are for students, not teachers and support staff, Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers President John Tarka said. But he noted that Monday’s delay will be for PFT-represented employees, too.

Catch that bit? It’s a late morning for teachers too, which I have no problems with. It’s hard to take your science teacher seriously when he’s reeking of gin.

Unsurprisingly, there are no plans to delay school in the Phoenix area. I’m not even sure there are grade schools in Arizona, a state with an average age of 61.7 (statistics may not be accurate).

At least Pittsburgh won’t have to worry about absenteeism on Tuesday. Because of the economic crisis, city officials aren’t sure whether they can afford to have a victory parade.

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  1. GravatarAnonymous
    7:58 am on February 2nd, 2009

    6 time super bowl champs don't b a hater live life love life and eat crow all u steeler haters out there let the party begin!