I’m Appearing In E! True Hollywood Story Tonight

The debut of the E! True Hollywood Story: Tiger Woods is tonight at 10p ET.

Brooks on E! True Hollywood Story: Tiger Woods

Former ESPNer and current Entertainment Tonight anchor Kevin Frazier is in it along with former NFLer and longtime L.A. CBS-TV sports anchor Jim Hill. And others, including me.

Haven’t seen the show yet. Summary:

The name Tiger Woods, once synonymous with perfection, now evokes images of tabloid covers and public apologies. However, there is a lot more to Woods’ story than his recent personal troubles. How did this superstar, who broke down racial barriers and reenergized the world of golf, lose himself and the image he worked so tirelessly to create?

THS also reveals how rumors of Woods’ affairs existed long before they were made public. Plus, a high school girlfriend sits down exclusively with E! to discuss what it was like to date the young golfer. Don’t miss this gripping episode of E!’s True Hollywood Story, Wednesday, April 14, 2010, at 10/9c.

Here’s the schedule of re-airs. Trailer: