If You Watch This Show, You Might Be A Redneck

If someone was going to do an animated sitcom about NASCAR, it had to be Jeff Foxworthy, right? That’s what VARIETY is reporting might be on your TV screens soon, as Fox as given the greenlight to an animated pilot presentation from the inexplicably successful comedian about a NASCAR driver and his dysfunctional family.

Jeff Foxworthy Jerky

So basically, it’s Talledega Nights, but replacing Will Ferrell for Jeff Foxworthy, and swapping all the funny jokes for terrible ones. When can I start setting my Tivo? I mean, it is animated, and cartoons make me laugh. (Oh, that Ziggy…) Plus, Fox is contractually obligated to pick up every animated series that ever comes out. I can only hope this is as successful as The PJs.

Although I guess we should be grateful that the show is animated: that means there’s no chance of having to see Foxworthy’s cookie duster and make yourself queasy thinking about what manner of food stuff is lodged in there. Perhaps some chunks of his delicious jerky?

Let’s see…a show about a dysfunctional NASCAR family? That will never work. It’s way too unrealistic - we all know that if NASCAR is about nothing else, it’s about big happy families.

It should be noted that they haven’t completed casting on any of the other roles yet. But if the show needs a redneck, drug-addled driver character to mirror Shane Hmiel, perhaps one of Foxworthy’s Blue Collar Comedy buddies could fit the bill. Tater Salad!