If Only The Florida Highway Patrol Had This Video!

Rick Chandler at NBCSports.com’s Out Of Bounds should be ashamed of himself for withholding this crucial video evidence of the Tiger Woods’ ‘accident’ scene from the highway patrol. (What, did he get a “hefty seven-figure amount” too?)

Asian Tiger Crash Scene Video

(BREAKING: Tiger Actually Drove a Propane-Fueled Airport Express Van!)

Chandler must’ve known Florida has no ‘withholding delightfully crude Chinese CGI video as evidence‘ statute on the books - like we have here in California. (That’s in fact what ultimately got Phil Spector.)

The video, from China’s Apple Daily, is deftly translated as “broken windows at night to save his wife crash shady husband“.

Case you’re wondering, I’m hearing from media sources that other possible mistresses of Woods are being vetted and could be introduced as soon as later tonight/early tomorrow.