If Only For Our Awkward Habit Of Keeping Score

Jason Lieser of the PALM BEACH POST alerts us to some delightful comments this week from Univ. of Florida left guard Carl Johnson as he reflected about last week’s game against Alabama.

Carl Johnson

Johnson on his Tuscaloosa takeaway:

“It showed us that these Crimson Tides are not gods. They’re people. To me, it wasn’t deflating. It was just, rest assured we can beat these guys. Look what we just did to the No. 1 team in the nation. We just drove the ball 85 yards. That just gave me more confidence.”

And there’s this from Johnson on Alabama’s defense this season compared to last:

“Same old. Wasn’t no spectacular. About the same, I would say. I didn’t see no freak athletes out there. We just couldn’t capitalize out there.”

Florida Alabama Scoreboard

(”Crimson Tides are not gods” - If that isn’t a Kenny Chesney tune, it will be)

If pro football doesn’t work out, Carl’s got mall jewelry store salesman locked down.