If Only Cris Carter’s Son Followed His Dad’s Advice

Cris Carter recently appeared on the NFL Network giving life advice to first-year players at the NFL rookie symposium in Carlsbad, California.

Cris and Duron Carter


“Your friends start saying, ‘Oh, man, I knew you were gonna change as soon as you got into the league. Yeah, you better change.”

“You’re talking about people who can drag you down quick. Make sure you keep them in check.”

“Have all your affairs in order before you get on that field, man.”

“This league is better because of what me and my comrades did while we played … that’s why we get upset when you get in the predicaments you get in.”

Too bad Carter’s son Duron wasn’t in the room.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to observe that Duron Carter’s first year at Ohio State has been nothing short of a disaster.

How’s that?

He’s no longer there.

Duron, a highly-touted Ohio State football signee, flunked out after one year in Columbus and now finds himself at Coffeyville (KS) Community College.  When he blew himself up academically last fall, Duron missed the Rose Bowl after being declared academically ineligible.

His response last January to those events:

“I have a set schedule now for everything in my life, both study time and working out. For me, it’s all about focusing on what I need to do, and getting it done. I’m not missing any classes, and I’m turning my assignments in on time. I plan on getting through this, and being ready for spring football. My study habits will stay with me the rest of my time at Ohio State, and this will never happen again.”

“I just want to say how sorry I am that I let everyone down, and I promise it will NEVER happen again. I’m back.

Five months later, Duron was off the team completely.

How bad were his grades? Ohio State didn’t even bother to give him a shot this summer in Columbus to get himself eligible.

That’s because apparently, Duron’s departure wasn’t only about academics.

From Bob Hunter of the COLUMBUS DISPATCH:

There are signs that Ohio State’s coaching staff wants to see more than just improved grades from receiver Duron Carter at Coffeyville Community College; it also wants to see an improved attitude. Even after Carter became academically ineligible at Ohio State, his study habits and class attendance didn’t improve much.

Carter might return to Ohio State with two years’ eligibility remaining, as his father, Cris, has suggested, but word is that Buckeyes coaches want to see Duron take his responsibilities more seriously before they welcome him back.

In fairness to Cris Carter, he was giving life advice to NFL rookies in the context of the pro game.

But for Duron, that may be part of the problem.