Idaho Sports Bar Owner to ‘Sack Vick,’ Ban Eagles

Despite being approximately 2,000 miles from Philadelphia, an Idaho sports bar owner has decided to ban all Eagles games from his establishment while Michael Vick is a member of the team. Steve Coffman (below) is a self-professed dog lover and owner of Slates Prime Time Grill and Sports Bar in Sandpoint, Idaho … and, ahem, evidently a Steelers fan.

Steve Coffman

But Coffman says that team loyalty has nothing to do with this. He thinks it’s despicable that the Eagles have signed Vick, and hopes to begin a wave of Eagles boycotts across the nation. Meanwhile, the Vick prop bets are in! Details below.

From your most reliable source of Michael Vick news, the BONNER COUNTY DAILY BEE:

An animal lover with three dogs of his own, Coffman said he was disgusted by the Vick case and the NFL for allowing him back into the league. When he learned of a national boycott called “Sack Vick,” Coffman decided to join the cause.

“I’ve just about had it,” he said. “When you look at some of these sports players and what they do and what they get away with … and we as consumers just seem to turn a blind eye every time this goes on. I think I’ve just reached a point where I said, ‘I’ve had enough of this.’”

With the boycott, Slates will no longer carry its most popular beer, Coors Light, and will not air any Eagles games. The Eagles ban means customers accustomed to watching Monday Night Football at Slates will be out of luck on Oct. 26, when the Washington Redskins host the Eagles for a Monday night matchup.

Coffman said the boycott will continue until the NFL severs all ties with Vick.

“That’s the goal, to get him out of the NFL,” he said. “Of course, if we go after the sponsors, those that give the money, maybe they’ll listen and at least pull their sponsorships back. The only way you’re going to hurt a team is through their pocketbook.”

The resulting firestorm of reader comments is probably more than the DAILY BEE has seen in its history. You’ve got the expected array of anti- and pro-Vick responses, plus one guy who seems a little confused over who is being discussed.

“Good job Steve. And another thing…Michael Vick gets right back into the NFL after murdering countless dogs, but Pete Rose is banned for life for betting on baseball? LET PETE IN!!! “

Meanwhile, the Vick prop bets are here, as you knew they would be. BETUS.COM has some of the usual propositions you’d expect, such as “Total passing yardage” and “Longest completion.” But they also have these tantalizing potential wagers:

ATLANTA to play “Who Let The Dogs Out” during week 12 (No, +500)

After a Vick sack, defender will get on all 4s (Yes, +300) (Defender must be on all fours like a dog for yes to win)

Player will be penalized for taunting Vick (Yes, +300)