Idaho HS Player Arrested for Punching Own Coach

Fights happen. They’re bad and they’re usually handled appropriately, but when athletes get upset and the testosterone starts flowing, someone’s going to throw a punch. That happens.

Arrested athlete

What doesn’t usually happen, though, is what transpired in Idaho Thursday night, as a football player punched his own head coach in the face over and over, resulting in a broken eye socket and nasal cavity. That would count as unusual. Also, it would count as a felony:

“There was an altercation among the players, the coaches broke it up, and as they were walking back, one of the players hit the coach,” explained Allison Westfall, Nampa School District spokesperson.

According to Nampa police it was a very violent attack, on a man who was simply trying to remove one of his top players from the brawl.

“I believe he was hit repeatedly,” said Lt. Stacy Mowry.

Whatever Kipton Ramos, the athlete in question, was trying to prove, that was probably not the best way to do it. The broken bones in the coach’s face are what make this attack a felony instead of a misdemeanor, and since Ramos is already 18, there’s no hope of being tried in juvenile court.

And wait a second. An amateur fighter named Kip in the middle of Idaho? I think we’ve heard this story before.