Idaho Coach Suspended After Vicious Cheap Shots

Taysom Hill is a talented Idaho high school quarterback who has committed to Stanford. Hill is also a kicker for Highland High School, and recently had the Cardinal kicked out of him several times after booting kickoffs in a game two weeks ago against Pocatello High School.

Taysom Hill Hit Video Coach Tom Harrison suspended

Apparently the coach of Pocatello, Tom Harrison, ordered the cheap shots on Hill (why else would a player do that?!). That coaching brilliance has him in some serious hot water with the school district.

(video after the jump)

From KPVI:

After last Friday’s football game between Pocatello and Highland, the school district received several complaints about Poky’s play. The questionable plays came on several kickoffs when a Poky player hit Highland quarterback Taysom Hill after Hill kicked the ball .Although Pocatello was not flagged in the game for those plays, district officials decided to place Harrison on leave while they investigate the incident. The school district says because this is a personnel issue, they cannot release the details of the investigation, but they did say it is unfortunate any time a situation like this comes up.

You gotta love the fact that the officials didn’t have the balls to flag the play as unnecessary roughness. Isn’t that the play the definition of it?

I don’t know what’s worse though, the hits on Hill, or Pocatello players being referred to as “Poky’s.”