Idaho AD Has Had Enough Of Boise State’s Plane

This past Monday, Boise State became the fifth college sports program (and the first outside the BCS) to get their team’s logo on an airplane; they joined the Pac-10 members in Oregon and Washington as partners with Horizon Air.

Boise State Airplane for the lulz
(Waaaaait a minute. A twin prop? You couldn’t even get your logo on a real jet? Boise, Boise, Boise…)

Unfortunately, not everybody who’s going to fly in that plane is a Boise State fan. That ordinarily wouldn’t be too much of an issue, but when we’re in the middle of a season, fans of the Broncos’ opponents may take a bit of offense. ADs of the Broncos opponents, then, are really not going to stand for this crap. And thus we find Idaho AD Rob Spear, taking the most principled stand in history.


Idaho athletic director Rob Spear says he declined to board a Horizon Air flight after learning the airplane was painted in Boise State’s blue and orange colors.

Spear was traveling to Boise on Saturday for fundraising events. He requested another flight and then drove about 90 miles north to fly from the Spokane, Wash., airport to Boise.

Spear says he’ll board the plane after Horizon Air paints an airplane for the Vandals.

Way to stick it to the man! Except athletic directors are usually “the man.” Whatever, we’re not going to dwell on that one too long.

But back to the initial unveiling. Obviously, we’re not talking about the “big time” here. Yes, it’s interesting that Boise is hiring ESPN to lobby for it and selling stock in itself to shareholders, but that plane is hardly impressive. Every time we look at it, we have one of those Final Destination premonitions about dying in a horrible crash inside of of those things. Spear shouldn’t have declined to fly in it because of the paint job, he should have declined because his life expectancy was about to be shortened to “15 seconds after takeoff.”

At the very least, it gave us this all-time memorable puff piece from KIVI TV in Boise (bonus: impossible grammar errors):

The plane will fly as far north as Canada and south to Palm Springs, even to Montana.

“It’s really exciting to be included in this fleet alongside such great partners,” says BSU President Dr. Robert Kustra.

The bronco plane will promote the university and city with passengers and the distinguished logo.

“We’re able to do that not just inside the plane but on the outside too and being able to tell the Boise State story on the road,” says Dr. Kustra.

All the way to Montana! Big city money, HERE WE COME!

Also, if Boise State comes close to hitting that 28-point spread against Idaho this weekend, both Spear and coach Robb Akey are going to feel a little stupid about their aggressive grandstanding from this past week. Good old rivalries, making total fools of men for centuries.