I’d Take Slutty Mermaid Over Al Davis Anyday Too

Former NFL safety Adam Archuleta was cut at the end of training camp by the Raiders. That turned about to be quite the win-win for the man best known previously for implementing a Jay Schroeder-inspired workout.

Adam Archuleta Jennifer Walcott Halloween

(Archuleta appears very, VERY excited to have been cut by Raiders)

The former A-Stater isn’t suffering through the debacle that the Raiders’ season has become, plus it frees him up to watch his fiancee, former Playboy Playmate Jennifer Walcott, free them up in public. (Added bonus: Arch gets to guard those puppies ’round the clock and admin her official myspace account. Fun!)

Jennifer Walcott Pregnant

Walcott by the way just had a child in April, so I hope she laid off the Hydroxycut at least through the second trimester! Lock Eddy Curry in a room with her and medicine ball for 36 hours and the Knicks would have themselves an all-star center. Either that or it’d snuff out his pesky porn addiction.

More pics of Walcott from Playboy Halloween party after the jump.

I’m assuming Archuleta is doing all he can to get back to the NFL before embarking on the obligatory failed-acting-turned-broadcasting-career path. But with Walcott around, what’s the rush?

Jennifer Walcott Halloween Playboy Party

Jennifer Walcott Halloween Playboy Party

Jennifer Walcott Halloween Playboy Party


All about as real as the Raiders playoff chances.