I’d Like Two Beef & Cheddars And A Safety Please

As a player in the NFL there isn’t much that’s guaranteed in your career. If you sign that $60 million contract, while you get to keep your signing bonus, your team can cut you at any time and not owe you anything more. Of course, unless you’re an early round draft pick, you don’t get one of those nice signing bonuses.

Take the tale of Courtney Bryan. Courtney came out of New Mexico State last season and went undrafted before signing as a free agent with the Miami Dolphins. He played in 12 games with the team making 11 tackles before being cut by Bill Parcells back in September. He worked out for a few other teams but nobody signed him to a deal because he’d played too much to be able to sneak him onto a practice squad. So when he couldn’t get a contract Courtney decided he’d go back to school and finish getting his degree since he was only 11 credits short. Unfortunately the registration deadline at NMSU had already passed and Bryan couldn’t get back in.

So he did what anybody else would do who couldn’t get a job or go back to school.  He got a job at Arby’s.


“Yes, Arby’s!” said Bryan. “It’s hard out there. We’re in a recession.

“It’s not like I was broke.  I was just bored. I couldn’t go to the movies every day. I like to work. I have to do something with my time.”

What Bryan did was run regularly and work out twice a day back in his hometown of Oakland, Calif. He also waited by the phone.

Why am I not surprised that a man that looks like this…

… would look for players to fill his roster at a nearby Arby’s?