I Went To The Fights & A Boxing Match Broke Out

Who says boxing is boring? There’s no clinching, standing eight counts, or being saved by the bell when the fight is between fans and cornermen of the two boxers. And best of all, this black eye isn’t for American boxing, as it was the Aussies mixing it up.

Boxing Brawl

The Boxing Authority of NSW (not to be confused with NSFW) is looking into the post-fight brawl which occurred yesterday, when top prospect Willie Kickett was spectacularly knocked out by Ahmed Elomar 1:15 into the match. Elomar’s supporters took to the ring to celebrate, to which Kickett’s entourage took exception.

Watch the best boxing riot since Bowe/Golata, after the jump.

As the commentator says, “there’s a theory about blokes that hang around with boxers, that aren’t boxers, but think they’re boxers.” That’s when the punches and beer bottles and chairs start flying, confirming the theory.

The announcer was actually the hero of the night, preventing the riots from spreading and engulfing the entire continent leading to a dystopian Mad Max existence:

Minutes later with the situation still out of control, lead Fox Sports commentator Andy Raymond headed into the ring amongst the mayhem, took the ring microphone and attempted to calm the melee. “There are women and children present, think about what you are doing,” Raymond pleaded. “Everything is being filmed and the police are on their way.” Suddenly, order was restored. Raymond’s actions were critical in ending the violence.

The problem’s not this particular crowd, but with the culture of boxing as a whole. When a nobody fighter has an entourage of 30 people who all feel entitled to storm the ring, nothing good can happen.