‘I want my son’s image pristine coming out of Auburn’

Over the weekend Jon Solomon of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS published a quote he gleaned from Cecil Newton about son Cam last August.

Cecil Newton was at the BCS Championship Game

Solomon reports Cecil Newton said five months ago:

I want my son’s image to be pristine coming out of Auburn.”

The issues plaguing Cecil’s son’s reputation came from dad asking for money from Mississippi State coaches on November 27, 2009, and Cam’s illegal acquisition of a laptop at Florida.

So looking back, perhaps now we know why Cecil said “Auburn” and not “college”.

Cecil Newton and Cam Newton inside stadium after BCS Championship Game

And had ESPN not exposed the SEC & NCAA’s collusion in not only failing to enforce rules both governing body’s had on the books, but even acknowledge them before ESPN’s November 5 report, Cecil’s dream of  his son finishing school with his credibility in a virtually “pristine” state would’ve been realized.

But then Solomon adds something somewhat incongruent to the SEC & NCAA’s Auburn alibi:

Auburn has not responded to an open-records request made more than a month ago by The Birmingham News seeking documents that might explain what arrangement, if any, Auburn entered into with Cecil to limit his access.

Since Cam Newton, as  the SEC and the NCAA will tell you, did no wrong while in school on The Plains, why is Auburn (illegally?) stonewalling the largest main media outlet in the state about his father’s dealings with the school?