Bradshaw’s Pitbull Buddies Bite TMZ’s Barnacles

TMZ reports last night Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson and Michael Strahan all “boozed” together at one of my favorite Hollywood haunts (really), The Belmont on La Cienega Blvd.:

Terry Bradshaw Jimmy Johnson Michael Strahan

(What I need: Pitbull flunky friends like Terry!)

They don’t just show up on Sundays and pretend to like each other — the guys from the NFL on FOX studio team also hit the bars as a team. Terry, Jimmy and Michael Strahan spent Friday night kickin’ it at the Belmont Bar and Lounge in Hollywood. And check this out — Bradshaw even got a female lead blocker on the way out. We’re told the woman in the video is being seriously considered by the Detroit Lions.

Strahan, accompanied by Jay Glazer (who was completely ignored by the TMZ video crew and editorial), was amiable amidst the cam slam. Likewise Johnson. But Bradshaw, check that, Terry Bradshaw’s friends were a completely different story.

I’m assuming the man and woman who carpet f-bombed (and pushed) the TMZers for trying to shoot Bradshaw outside the bar are acquaintances of the bald ‘n blustery one. Bradshaw said nothing during the pushing and shouting match, and probably enjoyed every minute of the melee.

With DUI now an epidemic among high-profile sportie-types, it isn’t a coincidence that Bradshaw and Johnson were passengers in their vehicles. And Strahan appeared a significantly more lucid than fellow former NFL players Jack Del Rio and Mike Tice.

What I now know: When in Los Angeles and looking for a cool chill bar in Hollywood that serves good food and is usually easy to get into, hit The Belmont. Just don’t forget your security detail, armed with the requisite flying purses.