I Have Something In Common With Favre’s Backup

Today Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson not only spoke for me, he spoke for every last, god-fearing citizen living in the United States of America* and our brave, fighting men and women of the United States military serving around the world. (Including nearly 300 ships at sea.)

Tarvaris Jackson

What did he say, you ask?

From Judd Zulgad of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE today:

News that three teammates had visited Brett Favre at his Mississippi home created a buzz at Vikings practice on Tuesday and left the Vikings tight-lipped as they left the field.
“I really don’t know too much about it,” quarterback Tarvaris Jackson said.

Jackson said he doesn’t take it personally that three team leaders missed practice while trying to persuade (sic)

Honestly, I really don’t care,” he said. “I feel like if my number is called I’ll be ready and I’m going to continue to try and work hard and get better. That’s all I can do. My teammates, that’s their prerogative. I can’t really control that. I’m just going to do my part.”

By vanquishing the fetid Favrcoholics among us with such a refreshing spritz of honesty, you already have done your part, Mr. Jackson.

* Except Norby.