I Have Seen The UnGoogleable And It Is Maradona

Soccer legend Diego Maradona is getting fed up with the way he’s being portrayed in his native Argentina, specifically, the web searches for him. Tired of queries like “Maradona AND cheater,” “Maradona AND cokehead,” and “Maradona AND fatass,” he’s attacking the root of the problem: Google itself.

Diego Maradona

The new national team boss has taken out a court order blocking his name from showing up on the Argentine Yahoo! and Google search engines. Seriously, try it yourself, and see what you get. (Poorly translated Spanish legalese, after the jump.)

Maradona Yahoo Search

The results read, more or less: “Due to a court order requested by private parties, we find ourselves obliged to temporarily suspend all or some of the results related to this search.”

I really think this is a good idea. I’m tired of the sex offender registry being the first thing that comes up when potential employers Google me. But others are not as pleased.

A spokesperson for Google Argentina labeled the lawsuit “completely illogical”. He told Time magazine: “It would be like suing the newsstand for what appears in the newspapers it sells.”

Are we really so surprised at Maradona’s obsession with privacy? This is the man who fired an air rifle into a crowd of reporters.