I Have New Appreciation For Maxim’s Photography

MAXIM, as noted by GIRLS THAT CHEER, recently did a photo shoot of some select NFL cheerleaders. Lilly Robbins, who was a tender 18 when Miami Dolphins management first saw her big, natural boobs hired her for their cheer squad, was one of the girls included in the mag’s production. And, at least from this photo, you can see why:

Lilly Robbins Dolphins Cheerleader

For a second there, I thought I’d found the hottest NFL cheerleader EVAR. That is, until I saw the unretouched version of Ms. Robbins (after the jump).

Lilly Robbins Dolphins Cheerleader

Of course, she’s still cute, but not the goddess she appeared to be in Maxim.

Oh, there’s video of the shoot as well (NSFW), but take heed, gents.

Colorado Football Coach Dan Hawkins strikes again - from the BOULDER (CO) DAILY CAMERA:

Perhaps the best line of the day was provided by Hawkins when he compared his youthful team — only eight players have lettered three seasons — to a golden retriever puppy.

We like to run around a lot and we’re cute, but sometimes we chew things up and pee on the rug,” he said.”

Presenting the world’s hottest golfer.

Jessica Alba playing golf

No, I’m not talking about Monty’s layering habits at the upcoming British Open, that’s Jessica Alba doing her best to straighten out our iron game.

New photo of Ana Ivanovic:

Ana Ivanovic

Of course, these are much better. (NSFW-ish)

I’m not from NYC, so it’s kinda hard to grasp while people are getting so worked up about Francesa and Russo possibly parting ways. Neil Best of NEWSDAY has the latest on the fray, and writes, “Mike and the Mad Dog,’ the most successful, influential show in sports talk radio history, could soon be history itself.

WFAN was the first all-sports radio station. And “Mike and the Mad Dog” the station’s flagship show since 660’s inception. But is the show really, still influential at this point - at least outside of the Tri-state?

The ROCHESTER D & C reports, “The Baltimore Ravens hope to be able to have two trained ravens fly out of the tunnel with the team’s players during pre-game introductions this season.

Arash Markazi has Wayne Rooney and LeBron James hooking up in Vegas. Rooney was in Sin City for his bachelor party. Sadly, no sightings from the O.G..

Wayne Rooney LeBron James in Vegas

Who said the Oakland A’s don’t spend money? The club recently dropped over $4M for a Dominican pitcher barely old enough to get a Cold Stone Creamery counter job.

Floyd Landis has run out of appeals to try to get his Tour de France title back. It’s ova. He also now owes the U.S. Doping Agency $100,000 in legal fees (if only he’d spent that on a good pharmacist).

Jerry Crowe of the LOS ANGELES TIMES has a great piece on a UCLA basketball player turned LAPD Captain. Obviously Cade McNown and Co. had no such ringer on campus back in the day.

Speaking of former Playboy Mansion regulars (McNown, who is now banned), the NFL draft’s Mr. Irrelevant was recently Hef’s guest at the Mansion. Sadly, there were apparently no nekkid girls running around -unlike my last tour of the grounds:

Yardbarker Nude Girl

Major loss at my alma mater this week, as UGA VI has passed. That means the Georgia Athletic Department is now down to only one senior citizen with an uncontrollable slobbering habit.

Or as Spencer Hall of EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY put it, “UGA VI died as most Georgians will: pantsless, lacking a high school degree, and suffering from a heart attack.