I co-hosted "The Big Show" with Joh…

I co-hosted "The Big Show" with John Ireland last week on ESPN Radio in L.A., filling in for Steve Mason.

KSPN-AM is streaming on the web at 710ESPN.com.


SbB GIG #105: treated a hardy gathering of spirited SbB’rs to a rare Sunday night gig in Lipstick City - Los Angeles, California, USA.

Celebrated SbB Girl Colene highlighted a generous group of genuine SbB Girls, including Charity, Denise and Kalia - who returned after a brief respite from the SbB stage. Newcomers Jenny, Alicia and Jackie also experienced SbB as official SbB Girls for the first time:

After a hard-fought SbB competition, which included upset victories over SbB Hall of Famers ETyer and Dan Tana - and SbB stalwart John - SbB’r Stannon powered to his first, highly-coveted SbB Championship.

For his efforts, Stannon was rewarded with a hot-off-the-press copy of Steve Kettmann’s Red Sox baseball tome "One Day At Fenway." The hardcover is now available at Amazon.com and you can read excerpts of the work in today’s NEW YORK DAILY NEWS.

Special thanks EA Sports, Philips, Best Buy, Stella Artois, Pepsi, Steve Kettmann and Atria Publishing, and Apple Computer’s iPod.

Also thanks to SbB Hall of Famers USFL Fan, ETyer and Craig at The Bitter Redhead sports bar in Santa Monica, CA.

The ARIZONA REPUBLIC talks to Stan Cameron, the beleaguered Dad of impregnated USC hoops player Brynn, who was knocked up in March by Matt Leinart.

Cameron: “It might not be the best timing in the world, but we are obviously very happy to have a new baby in the family. Brynn just found out about a month ago and told the team on Monday.