I Can Haz Last Place In American League Central?

They say that animals can sense an impending natural disaster — dogs, for instance, will detect earthquakes and run for cover minutes before they hit. So it’s no wonder that this kitty, finding itself at a Kansas City Royals game, panicked and sprinted across the field in confusion and terror.

Royals Fail Cat

While this encounter doesn’t quite measure up to the Cubs’ legendary “Black Cat Curse” of Sept., 1969, it is amusing nonetheless. And just as damaging in the long run. Due perhaps to two separate Fail Cats, neither the ‘69 Cubs nor the ‘09 Royals got/will get to the playoffs.

With the Royals trailing the Mariners, 8-4, in the top of the fifth, the cat decided that he’d had enough, and (by some accounts) leaped from the stands and began running around the playing field. Video here. And to no one’s surprise, the Royals lost, 11-6.

“Was I smiling? I don’t know if I smiled or not,” said Royals manager Trey Hillman. “It was one of those things that didn’t really surprise me. I was surprised it wasn’t entirely black.”

Or maybe the cat was protesting Joe Posnanski’s departure from the KANSAS CITY STAR.

Royals catcher Miguel Olivo tried to catch it at one point, but predictably it got past him, allowing two runners to advance.

“You always see that on SportsCenter but you never get to see it live,” Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu said. “That’s the first time I’ve seen one live.

“I was smart enough not to get caught chasing that thing. I think it was just a regular cat. With the amount of hunters we have on this team, it’s amazing he made it out there.”

Wizard Cat is not amused.

Meanwhile, in England, hero duck to the rescue!

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