Hungry High School Athletes Bust Barriers, Scales

Our time is short today but the level of awesome coming from this nation’s high schools cannot be allowed to pass unnoticed.  Therefore, we bring you news from Washington, D.C., of the pioneering African-American rugby squad and of the Offensive Line That Ate the Twin Cities.

• The NEW YORK TIMES brings news of the D.C. charter school that hosts the first known high school rugby team in the United States to consist entirely of African-Americans.  Started after coach Tal Bayer’s students wanted to know why he always had some kind of black eye or other bruise, the students latched onto the game and entered their team into various tournaments.

(President-Elect Obama, we have a suggestion for the first team to have over to the South Lawn…)

Once the rich schools stopped canceling matches to avoid bringing their upper-class cars to the scary city and parents realized it would be safe to let a young black man stay in their homes on away tournaments, the young men of Hyde Leadership Public Charter School found their lives changed by the experience they could only find through rugby.

(Also, how much do we love that the New Zealand embassy has embraced the team?  We’re pretty sure we’ll have to move the island nation up the Nations That Rock board past Portugal, between The Lord of the Rings and this uncommon generosity.)

And now how 25 pounds of ground beef can only be a starting point for a weekly meal (with enough video to gorge yourself on)…

• First, invite 17 offensive linemen-slash-teenagers to your home.  Cook up enough food for “a small wedding”.   Then, for your own safety, get your fingers out of the way.  That’s the story of high school football teams across the nation and the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE brings us just one such example from Wayzata High.

Barb Rustad said she began preparing the meal at 10 a.m. Along with the mac and cheese, she made 50 half-pound burgers, corn casserole and Jell-O. There were cookies, apple crisp and ice cream for dessert.

Vegetables lead a generally safe existence around offensive linemen, it appears.  The STAR-TRIBUNE manages to weave a tale of dangerously oversized teens (275 lbs!) into a touching rendition of “We Scarf as a Team” in C-major.  (C is for Cholesterol and that’s good enough for us.)

And you know what?  We know we’re indoctrinated to find something positive in all things football and that these kids are on their way to heart failure and strokes and diabetes and will have to be lifted from their homes by crane at age 37, but we’re in for another helping of team spirit.  Watch the video and see if you don’t agree.

(Oh, and to see the most fresh meat any football player will  see before their first campus visit to Tallahassee.)