Hundley: “Letterman Is a Dirtbag With No Morals”

22-year-old ESPN employee Brooke Hundley, who had sex three times with ESPN’s Steve Phillips, who was still married at the time, wrote this Oct. 5 message currently on her Facebook account: “David Letterman yet another dirtbag with no morals on television surprise surprise….Jimmy Kimmel’s better anyhow.”

Brooke Hundley Steve Phillips

Today she messaged her Facebook friends:  “Don’t believe everything you read in the papers … If you’re a friend of me, it’s like the papers have or will ask you to comment. Please refrain from saying anything.

This afternoon, Phillips announced that he is taking an indefinite leave of absence from ESPN, following his initial one-week suspension from the network. He has not been fired, and the leave is apparently voluntary.

I spoke this morning to a former acquaintance of Hundley’s. Here’s what that person had to say about Phillips’ fling.

“She (Hundley) never got in trouble, from what i know of. But she’s not the least bit outgoing/flirty in person. she’s real quiet and reserved. She was known to have an obssessive streak, so I’m not surprised by the news. 

“She always worked in sports going back to college. I’m assuming this ESPN job was a dream for her. She is an avid baseball fan and did well in school. Quite intelligent”

Sounds like garden-variety, college-age girl who was awed by being around such big celebrity like Phillips. I can certainly see what they saw in each other. Yeah.

It’d be a shame though if she lost her job over her nutty behavior, since Phillips clearly took advantage of a her. I don’t blame her in the least for what happened. And for all I know, ESPN will do nothing with her in this situation. Though she has already been reassigned off baseball and is now working in ESPN’s NASCAR Dept. according to a source.

As for Phillips, he’s career roadkill. I feel for his wife and kids, just a horrible situation. They don’t deserve this. It’d be one thing for Phillips to have done this as a single man, but to do that to innocent people is just unimaginable. No words.