HULL: DON’T BET ON GARY: Brett Hull of the R…

HULL: DON’T BET ON GARY: Brett Hull of the Red Wings guested this week on ESPN’s "Rome Is Burning," and said of a potential NHL work stoppage: "As a player, as a fan, as a guy who wants to continue playing, I pray that it doesn’t happen but it doesn’t look good."

Jim Rome to Hull: "The NBA and NFL have done pretty well with a salary cap. If they’ve done as well as they have done, would it not benefit the NHL?"

Hull: "Who says that the NFL is doing very good? They don’t have guaranteed contracts. They’ve got a salary cap where in the prime of your career if they decide that your salary is going to be too much they can also let you go. As a player I don’t think the NFL is working at all."

Hull, on owners claiming $300M in losses last season: "We don’t believe the numbers because we’ve documented proof otherwise."

Hull, on NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman: "I think it’s been very tough on him because he’s not a hockey person. I think he’s tried to do the best he can for the game. I think he got a little bit over his head early and promised things that he could not deliver."