Huizenga: NY Giants Didn’t Make The ‘08 Playoffs?

Former Miami Dolphins Owner Wayne Huizenga made the media rounds this week after he recently rushed to the sell the Dolphins in order to avoid new taxes from Barack Obama’s administration.

Wayne Huizenga didn't know NY Giants made the playoffs in '08

(From his latest comments, probably good thing Wayne-O just sold the team)

The Dolphins enjoyed a remarkable turnaround the past season, but it’s safe to say that success had absolutely nothing to do with Huizenga’s knowledge of football - or geography for that matter.

What am I talking about it? Huizenga did an interview with WAXY-AM (790 The Ticket) in Miami this week and proved that he’s leaves all the details to his underlings. And I do mean all.

Fun audio after the jump.

During his chat with WAXY, Huizenga talked about parity in the NFL: “What’s great about the league is competitive balance. Every team has the same payroll, you don’t have just a few teams that can win. Last year was a good example. The Giants win the Super Bowl last year and this year they don’t make the playoffs.” (audio link)

In Wayne’s defense, he hasn’t had to concern himself with the playoffs much the past decade - until the most recent season.

Huizenga also talked to WAXY about the Pro Bowl moving from Hawaii to Mainland Miami: “I’ve always been a fan of bringing it (Pro Bowl) back to the U.S. but I had nothing to do with it coming (to Miami) this particular year.” (audio link)

There’s been a lot of criticism by the players for moving the game to Miami. But I’m with Wayne, it’s all about the good ol’ U.S.A.! (I hope you all have your passport updated when you fly into the Republic of Waikiki!)