Huh? Favre Retirement Paperwork Remains Unfiled

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL gives all your sick Packers fans hope today, by reporting that despite Brett Favre recently proclaiming to the world that he’s retired, he “has not yet filed his official papers, however, and it’s unclear when he will.

Brett Favre Walgreens

It’s more than a minor detail, as once Favre files the paperwork, “the Green Bay Packers will strike $11.4 million from payroll and quite possibly lead the National Football League in available salary cap room.”

So what’s the holdup? The J-S went to our favorite, all-knowing Southern Mississippi sports agent Bus Cook for the answer.

His agent, James “Bus” Cook, said he had no idea where Favre was in the process of filing the paperwork that would finalize his retirement.

Hmmm. Very strange. Then again, it is tax season and if anyone knows about filing paperwork at the last second, it’s us.