Huggins’ Crash Landing - Falls On Head At Airport

Bob Huggins experienced a dangerous landing at the Charlotte airport on Thursday - and that was after the plane had already safely landed.

Bob Huggins Airplane!

SbBer Don gives us the heads up that the West Virginia basketball coach, who was coming to town to meet with Mountaineer alumni, tripped and cracked his cranium on the tarmac. The CHARLESTON DAILY MAIL has further details of Huggy’s hard fall.

According to a statement released by WVU AD Ed Pastilong, “Huggins was walking away from the plane and checking the voicemail on his cell phone when he tripped over a cone.”

As he fell, Huggins knocked his noggin on the ground. He was soon taken to the emergency room at a local hospital, but Pastilong passed along additional word that the coach was “not seriously hurt” and that the ambulance ride was for “precautionary reasons.”

Just in case, the airport is trying to cover itself in case Huggins or West Virginia decide to pursue legal action:

Haley Gentry, public affairs manager at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, said, “Upon exiting the plane, apparently he became dizzy and required medical attention.” Gentry said a report of the incident did not say Huggins fainted.

See? It wasn’t the cone’s fault!

We hope Huggy’s dizziness wasn’t due to downing a couple of $5 mini-vodka bottles on the flight down. He’s got $20 million guaranteed if he stays on the wagon.

Interestingly, it turns out this wasn’t the only time Huggins had problems with air travel. In September 2002, the coach was at the Pittsburgh airport when he suffered a massive heart attack. Huggins claimed he had to be shocked back to life three times. Fly the friendly skies, indeed.

A small bit of advice for Bob: next time, try the train. We could have suggested driving, but we all know how well that would turn out.