HS Vball Team Breaks Unwritten ‘No Spandex Rule’

In almost all cases, wearing Spandex in public is a bad decision. Just ask Bobby Brown. Lafayette High School girls volleyball team of Williamsburg, VA is learning this the hard way.

Spandex Sign

On Tuesday the Rams scored a key victory, defeating 2007 state runner-up Grafton. Unfortunately that win was almost taken away from Lafayette because the team wore Spandex shorts. The team broke an “unwritten policy” by the Williamsburg-James County Public Schools that bans the form fitting material from high school and middle school volleyball competition.

THE VIRGINIA GAZETTE reports “Some administrators view the clingy material as too tight, emphasizing the anatomy rather than the athleticism of those wearing it.”

The team’s first year coach, Keith Nowadly tells the GAZETTE, “In my entire coaching career, I’ve never heard of anyone objecting to spandex.” The coach adds, “My players want to compete in what they practice in, and I need to be their advocate.”

The school board is not a total hater on Spandex. Wrestlers are permitted to rock the expandable material in competition. AC Slater approves.

The report also points out “there’s no policy against swimmers, gymnasts and majorettes wearing tight outfits. There’s been no word on lengthening cheerleaders’ skirts.”

Nowadly knows his way around an argument for tighter shorts, “Spandex allows players to dive to the floor without the material shifting on your body,” he said. “Additionally, your fingers can’t get caught as you move trying to dig a ball, as there’s no loose material. Shorts can easily shift up or down, requiring adjustments during play.”

Despite his advocacy for girls in Spandex shorts, Nowadly will begrudgingly give into the unwritten policy. “I will enforce it, but I don’t agree with it at all. I believe it puts the team at a competitive disadvantage.”