HS Track Coach Jumps Out Window In Beer Bust

What kind of a sports day would it be if we didn’t hear about yet another irresponsible adult involved in shenanigans with underage athletes? But Tim Vinciullo’s story isn’t as shocking as a football coach’s wife sexing up 12-year-old players or a dad inviting cheerleaders to drink & dance on a stripper pole in his basement. However, it still is plenty amusing.

Calvin & Hobbes window jump

The 48-year-old Vinciullo is a volunteer assistant with the Hudson High School track team in Massachusetts, where his wife Kathy serves as boys’ cross country coach and his 17-year-old son Brian is a runner. Last Friday night, police made a visit on the Vinciullo household, where they found Brian & five of his friends engaged in some underage drinking.

And when faced with a confrontation with the cops, Tim did what any track coach would do - he jumped out a rear window and made a run for it.

The WORCESTER TELEGRAM & GAZETTE reports that the fun started when the cops came across a teen doing his own one-man Rolling Rock relay:

Daniel Wharton, 18, of 8 Edith Road, was allegedly running down the street with a can of beer tucked in his jacket when police approached him. He was charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Three plainclothes officers went back to the home and one of them saw Tim Vinciullo leave through a window, police said. Police caught him in a wooded area not far from the home.

Back at the home, police discovered the remaining teens in Brian’s basement bedroom with a beer cooler still holding at least 22 more cold ones, along with other alcohol.

Both elder & younger Vinciullo were charged with selling or delivering alcohol to a minor, and Brian received an extra charge of being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Kathy wasn’t home at the time of the beer bust, but she couldn’t run away from the embarrassment, as she resigned from her coaching position on Monday. The school’s only comment was that Kathy called it quits for “personal reasons”.

More embarrassing is that the Vinciullos were reportedly warned a week before by police about holding underage drinking parties. And in February, the cops caught four teens leaving the Vinciullo house with a bong & some pot.

But Tim says that this latest escapade of him escaping through the window is a “fabrication”. From the BOSTON HERALD:

Vinciullo said he’d warned Brian and his friends not to drink. Angry, he said he told Brian “you can deal with the police.” Rather than meeting the cops at the front door, Vinciullo explained he left the house through a rear entrance because “I wanted him to own up to it.”

That’s some passionate parenting right there. This should win Tim “Father Of The Year” - if it wasn’t for all that teenage drinking in his house in the first place.